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TPad’s responsive customer service and how I got my free credit!

July 29, 2008

When I blogged about the options in Japan to call Indians, I just shared my findings & thought it to be a one page reference for the most common call options. But Wow! Tpad’s customer service team should be really great to respond to their Google Alerts. Steven, the Marketing Manager of Tpad, commented in my blog about the merits & features of TPad!
I replied back to Steven about my woes with skype & reminded his promise to give me a free credit (which he mentioned in his comment). Hush! No response for a week after that! And without losing hope I sent him a mail in the next week! Voila! He responded the same day, with $3 free credit & a detailed procedure to install their software (to call from PC), how to buy credit & make international calls, possible error codes & solutions, Tpad Call Rates, Tpad Break IN Numbers in over 40 countries, How to use Local Break IN Numbers, Tpad Forum (The irony is – I do not know why the call rates page is now redirected to their home page & now I can’t figure out the call rates!)
I carried out those steps & after some initial hiccups (will post this in the next post), I could make calls from the PC with my TPad account, with my Skype phone! That’s great! And I hope if I opt for any paid calling scheme(to call phone from PC) in the future, I will go for TPad! (provided, Nonoh, prescribed by my friend Ravishankar is not as cheap as this!)
Now some message for the last! This is my 19th Post & even with this poorly updated blog (but when I write, I try to be useful to the maximum!), I am able to get a free-credit of $3!
This proves once again Seth’s point – Content is the king!
When the content is rightly written, properly linked & when the blog is properly updated (note to myself!) your readers will follow!
Proved again!


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  1. Hi,

    Steven here again, thanks for the great blog with good hyperlinks !

    We have just installed a brand new premium tariff into our network (that is why the rates page was down – it is now fixed)

    The new tariff will have better quality and reliability, because of this some destinations will increase slightly.

    We also have a new business section for small businesses who want a cheap IP PBX Business VoIP Solution with cheap call rates and powerful call management software.

    If you have any comments / improvements then let me know.


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