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Hosting Kiruba & going to ask what he does for a living!

July 3, 2008

Friends & Fellow bloggers!

If you are one among my twitter followers, this will be an old news for you! For others, yes! When Kiruba is coming to Sappora (Japan) for participating in the iCommons Summit, I am going to host him for the 1st weekend of August.
When I said I am hosting Kiruba, Sujay, one of my friend (not through any social network, but he was my classmate!) instantly asked “What he do for a living?!” And I promised him I’ll definitely get him an answer.

Even I had this doubt!
How Kiruba’s managing so many?
How he’s a Jack of all trade & master of many!
What are all we do for entertainment, cautiously, without the knowledge of our superiors, he’s pursuing in the mainstream! And he’s also paid for that!

So this question ringed a bell & thought of getting some interesting questions from you & present it before him!
(I have a question! If Nilu meets Kiruba!, what will they talk? or how will they react!)
And Tech & Tamil enthusiast Ravi asks about how Kiruba prospects happenings, trends & investments in Indian regional language web companies,especially Tamil.

So here you go! If you have got a question to Kiruba, please comment or mail me @ venkatramanan [at] gmail [dot] com


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  1. didn’t know u r in japan !!

  2. Venkat :

    Did you find the answer???

  3. Hey Buddy!
    He should have done it by this time! But Kiruba has collected the questions (Not so much only 4/5!) He should have blogged them by this time! But due to his discretion & schedule, he is still to answer them! Will ask him in mail!


  4. So what are the answers?

  5. Vijay!
    Thanks for your eagerness! But, sorry boss! No reply so far! May be will forward your comment to him!

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