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“The three mistakes of my life” – Chetan Bhagat’s 3rd book to be released on May 8th

April 28, 2008

Aptly coded as 3, Chetan Bhagat’s third book – The three mistakes of my life is getting released on May 8th at Mumbai. (He has separate release schedules for each city – Why Chennai left out? Unfair!) Once I read his first novel – Five Point Someone (Thanks Harish for recommending this), I instantly fell in love with his writing. A casual style, a not-so-super, nothing-is-a-shock type of protagonist, common (college) place incidents, heroic efforts in the climax, a happy ending… a perfect blend for a light reading. When I read his second book – One Night @ the Call Center, I could not resist the feeling “This should have been his first book“! Come on! After writing Five Point Someone, how would one expect Chetan to have the silly, MS Word error to be an important part of the climax. Still the novel was an interesting read & I could identify loosely with Shyam!
And now he compels me with the excerpt for third book.

Excerpt from the excerpt!
// This email is a combined suicide note and a confession letter. I have let people down and have no reason to live. You don’t know me.  I’m an ordinary boy in Ahmedabad who read your books. And somehow I felt could write to you after that.  I can’t really tell anyone what I am doing to myself – which is taking a sleeping pill everytime I end a sentence, so I thought I will tell you…//

Can’t wait! Go ahead & read the excerpt!

As an admirer of thoughtful marketing efforts, I love Chetan’s idea to market his book – Refer the excerpt to 3 friends & get a bonus excerpt free!
Eagerly waiting for May 8th!

Check out his interview in Rediff – Taken on 2006. But still an interesting read!
Update on 10th March 2008: Sify provide a free shipping with 10% discount. Check it out


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  1. moni vats permalink

    sir m desperately waiting for ur third book…….when will it come???

  2. Moni (or Mani!)
    Its being released today. Refer his blog –


  3. Prateek permalink

    I want to a buy a copy but I am not in India and I cant find a copy online. help pls.

  4. Prateek!
    Seems the shipping at Sify – is available only for India. BTW, Amazon has the other 2 books but this book has not yet been ready for shipping! May be you can watch it there!


  5. Deblina permalink

    after reading the other 2 books by bhagat..i’ve become a great fan of his…i’m dying to read his third book…but actually know nothing about its would have been really great if i could get some idea about it..thank you

  6. Malay permalink

    Sorry to say sir..

    i m your great fan forever….but this time really really disappointed….i am a teenager from ahmedabad…the city which the story is based on……i read your whole book in just one day…..and i just dont like this book…i think it was all waste…..only good thing about the book is probably the happiest end according to me…..

    i never thought you will get that riots and all pre-post-godhara stuff in your book….and its not the only thing…..some chapters are uslessly stretched long…..and a true literate person like you..i never thought will unground that skeletons in his third book (it must matter a lot to you i think…..third book…)

    may be this book also will be a big hit… like your previous books……..but genuinely this book not touched my heart as your first two……not even once while i read it….really disappointed…

    from one of your fan.

  7. kunal kaul permalink

    five point as welll as one night @ were gr8 books expect the same frm this one tooo… a very good luck…i am a great fan of yours… and hope to remain one as welll… c ya

  8. Prasanna permalink

    Hei dude.. I dont think people realize u r not Chetan Bhagat !! anyway, nice update.. u actually recommended Five point someone to me.. I loved it.. but i thought Night at a call center had far too simplistic a plot coming after five point someone.. looking forward to read this one..

    and isnt ‘=rand()’ a feature of word ??

  9. Dear Malay

    I have submitted your comment in the author’s official website ( with your mail id also. Hope he responds!


  10. Prasanna!
    It seems rand() an Easter egg(at least to me! ) Any way I am also surprised by people addressing here as Chetan!… and Sir!…

    Thanks for your visit!.


  11. Prasanna permalink

    just checked.. i think the reason people have been coming to ur blog is.. google lists this entry of urs as its 2nd result if u search for the words ‘Three mistakes of my life chetan bhagat’.. funny part is is listed 3rd after urs !!

    guess u have arrived !! [:)]

  12. Sukhveer permalink

    like five point sm1 and one night @ , three mistakes is also very nice book…since i read five point i become a g8 fan of u……v expect same in the future.

  13. hi………..

    chetan i was nice reading ur book.keep it up dude.

  14. Abhinav!
    Thanks for your kind words! But this is not the author’s blog. I am just another fan just like you. Thats it! Chetan blogs at


  15. rakesh permalink

    bhenke lode kuch alag to likh

  16. syed alam permalink

    Can I get this book online?

  17. harini kottilingam permalink

    chetan your books are very excellent. all the best..

  18. books online are great, wether they are e-books or conventional hardbound and paperback books :.’

  19. rohit permalink

    Must be an enjoyable read The 3 Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and orignal, this book is going in by “to read” list.

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