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My first Managerial post! – Suggestions to Success!

April 14, 2008

One of my friend Nithiyanandha (aka Maams!) had arranged a seminar for the Engineering Students (an individual development session) and has asked for some of my inputs. I am not sure whether I am fit to give advice of this sorts! Any way, as Seth says, Everyone is an expert, so am I!

And here are my points: If its useful, do drop a word!

Never hesitate to take a chance. Understand that when an opportunity arises for a group, everyone is puzzled & all are equally capable (or unable!) to do it. So it does not depend on who do it it. Instead it matters who is first to do it. So always be alert on a rising opportunity.

Always find room for improvement.  It need not be improving your belonging or your job – it can be your day-day commuting. It all depends on whether you will be able to improve it.

You are responsible for what you have done. Even if you have done it under somebody’s 100% guidance, it is from your hand that the work has been done. So you’re responssible

Time is the biggest asset for any business. If its not, then we need to position our business that. At the same time, never brood over the lost time. Thats of no use & eats more time acuumulating the loss further,

Read a lot. This will improve your vocabulary & thought process & help you to express yourself clearly.

Always find a chance to try something new. If your friend find difficulty in his work, take chance to help him. You will have a collective learning experience.

Failure is when you do not use your 100% potential. Try to find a job which will exploit your favourite skills to 100%

Be open to criticism but never be afraid of it. Atleast you are worth enough that people pay attention to take care of your work & have taken the time to give a feedback.

Never pay too much attention to brands. It is not necessary all brands are good. Even MS is screwing things!

Excellence is not always delivered by BIG people. It is delivered by smart people who care for you.



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  1. Prasanna permalink

    Nice one.. just a reference to this great website.. Mark Hortsman and Michael Auzenne produce terrific managerial podcasts.. try this one..

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