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IRTTians in blogspace!

January 30, 2006

Of late, I have found a handful of bloggers from IRTT (I could collect only 2003 passed outs! Others could include here.)

Selvendran (CSE – HCL Cisco)- enpadaipugal
– One of the good collection of original tamil writings! (அலுவலகத்திலிருந்து ஆரறை மணிக்கே கிளம்பினேன் இருந்தும் ஆச்சர்யமில்லை ..ஆம் அது அதிகாலை ஆரறை..)

Mandu @ Harish (Mech – still in CTS!)- mugamudi Peter as well as pisiraandhaiyar!

Sathya (ECE – Vettivelai at Infosys, UK!) – I_speak – Sathya. T……people preferred to follow it with a Sathya caaapiiiii (variants: coffffeeee, caaafeeeee). But being the cool one that I always had been (sorry, but sometimes one has to say such things!), I could handle all that.

Maams @ Nithiyanandhan (Shifted from CTS Mumbai to IconCR, Chennai as he could not be so Vetti at CTS!)- f-e-e-l-i-n-g-s! Romba feel panraruppa!
canteenla kadalai … adikuthu….

unmaiya sollatuma – innerathuku evan da call panrathu… aiyoo ivanuku vera polape illa…cut the calll….
Poyi sollatuma – Call you later am in a meeting 😀

Surandai @ Murugesan (AdventNet, Chennai!)- Mokkai! Same as the name indicates!
Ore oru ooriley ore oru mokkai appa….
Otha mokka pethaney athuyaru enga appa…
Mokkaiya pethathey senthosam ponse mokkaiya pehtathey santhosam…

Maaps @ Venkatramanan – (AdventNet, Chennai!)- Selectionz
Naattukku uthavum pala upayokamaana vishayangaL
…Now it’s different; I no more write copy writes; but cut-copy-paste!


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  1. Data collect pandra butti innum unnai vittu pogala
    Include Babu

  2. vettivelai @ infosys-a???
    ada paavi, unmaya sollitiye! cover blown 😦

  3. All the best to find still more

  4. harish ennaku mudhitayeeda….

    Hi da mapilli its good to see you here…

    ammu — neenga enna enga poonaalum enaku muunaadai irueenga…

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