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December 5, 2005

How many of you like the recent Ad of Surf Excel (Karai Nallathu!) and the all-time-favourites, the Fevicol?
And the saturday Ads in THE HINDU for Sportstar?
If you are, well this post is especially for you!

Once I read the success story of Jayendra in Kalki I had an instant attraction towards the industry.
And started looking behind the screen; Rajiv Menon, RKSwamy, Lintas, SharadHaksar… All these names I remembered to impress my friends(!)
Once I finished my BE things happened all of a sudden; I applied to SasiAds and with some recommendation…
Bang I am the executive copywriter there!

All of a sudden I am thrusted into copywriting. – both English & Tamil
And some of the copies (?!) were like

Get your Bachleors from the Masters!
Iru vizhikaL irukka ithara vazigaL ethaRku? (For Laser Surgery)

Now it’s different; I no more write copy writes; but cut-copy-paste!
Here’s my favourites:

Series of Ads: Fevicol(O&M), SportsStar(Lintas), MileStone Chappals(iB&W- Junior Vikatan wrapper)
Personalities: Jayendra, RajivMenon, Prason Pandey
Ads(recents): Hutch, SurfExcel, Kanda Naal Mudhal

And who knows?!?!?! There might be a second innings!


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  1. second inningsaa???
    match eppo nu sollu.. naanum join pannikuren–>

  2. berapa harga buku yang berjudul”menyingkap 110 misteri alam kubur dari penerbit lintas media? terimakasih.

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